(CIP 72/71 ISSN 1450-605x; in other languages ISSN 1821-1275 / COBISS.SR-ID 162095623 DOAJ) The scientific journal Nasleđe (Heritage) was launched by the Cultural Heritage Preservation Institute of Belgrade with the idea that the results of research, study, valorization and conservation of immovable cultural heritage be published and made available to the professional and general public, as a means by which to best promote Belgrade’s cultural heritage, as well as the work of the Institute.

The first issue of the journal was published in 1997, thanks to the efforts of architect-conservator Zoran Jakovljević (Editor of the first four issues) and archaeologist Dr. Marko Popović (Editor from 2004 to 2017).

Since 2017, a new Editorial Board of the journal has been formed, composed of Editor Dr. Marina Pavlović, and members of the Editorial Board Dr. Aleksandar Kadijević, Dr. Nađa Kurtović Folić, Dr. Marina Nešković, Dr. Igor Borozan, Dr. Vesna Bikić, Dr. Saša Mihajlov, Dr. Leda Šiling and Vera Pavlović Lončarski.

Since its founding, Nasleđe has become a recognizable scientific and professional publication, both in its concept of presenting new results and in terms of design. The journal brings together the works of eminent local authors who deal with immovable cultural heritage: art historians, ethnologists, archaeologists and architects. It is also open to young researchers and experts, who are given an opportunity to publish their first works in Nasleđe.

The structure of the journal is based on the broader field of research and protection of immovable cultural heritage in Belgrade, which covers all eras from prehistory to modern times, while also opening the possibility for critical re-examination and consideration in the field of theory and practice of conservation, both in our country and in the wider world.

The content of the journal is divided across several chapters, in each of which the works are chronologically arranged. The chapters are as follows: Monumental Heritage, Views and Opinions, Research, Conservation Approaches, Lost Heritage, Critiques, Reviews and In memoriam. Articles, discussions and reviews contain abstracts, key words, summaries in English, and are given UDC codes according to the international library classification system. In each issue, one paper is printed bilingually. Since 2020, the journal Nasleđe has been categorized as a leading journal of national importance (Category M51).


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